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Convenience is very much centred around the purchase decisions of the modern-day global consumer. Whether it’s products that save time and effort in their preparation, or lower cost options that align with financial constraints, we’re seeing a large new trend in the need to cater to busy, stressful lives.


Evidence for the Convenience trend

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Despite stress and lack of time, however, consumers are still discerning and still want their food and beverages prepared in ways that reflect their values around health and sustainability.

Busy families are particularly interested in options that balance health claims alongside convenience and are willing to pay more for products that offer both. Alternatively, younger consumers are particularly concerned about their personal finances. As a result, manufacturers are adapting to meet these multi-claim demands.


Convenience multi-claim launches


Sources: 2. Mintel GNPD, claims matches one or more of [Convenient Packaging, Easy to Use, Microwavable, On-the-Go, Portionability, Refill/Refillable, or Time/Speed]; New Nutrition Business;


More evidence

Within the industry, food and beverage innovation with ‘convenience’ claims is growing across most regions and categories, particularly in the nutrition and meal replacement drink category , which saw the largest growth over the past 5 years.

Global growth of product launches with "convenience" claims
(CAGR 2015-2020)

Convenience global growth map


Whereas Europe shows a slight decline, indicative of launches in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, there was growth in countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.


The challenge with convenience products is not only the additional claims, but also in making sure that they deliver on stability, consistency and integrity. When this varies, consumers will look elsewhere.

As expectations continue to evolve, consumers are increasingly looking online for options, whether ordering their weekly groceries from delivery services and supermarkets, or fuelling the gig economy boom for individual meal deliveries.

Convenience more evidence

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COVID-19 shifts demand

While COVID-19 has reduced the immediate demand for on-the-go formats, convenience remains a high priority as it moves inside the home. Adaptations such as meal kits and “restaurant at home” offerings, whether from outlets or through branded consumer packaged goods are in demand . At the same time, takeaway has seen an increase too.1


COVID-19 shifting demand around formats


Consumers have additionally expressed an increased interest in foods with clear nutritional value, such as high-fibre, low-calorie, and high-protein.2


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