Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

A better way forward for us all

We are committed to all of our employees being seen, heard and valued, and our teams reflecting the local communities we serve.

As a global business founded on expertise and creativity, we celebrate how our unique differences generate better ideas and deeper insights, empowering us to lead the next food revolution for and with our customers. 

Employee Resource Groups

Happy, Healthy Minds
We pledged to help our colleagues improve how they look after their physical and mental wellbeing so they can be their best at work and in their daily lives.
IGNITE - The Network for Tate & Lyle Women and Their Allies
Enabling women at Tate & Lyle to grow their confidence, sense of empowerment, and maximise their potential.
Black Employee Network (B.E.N.)
Supporting the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black employees, helping us grow, innovative, and live our values.
Proud Place LGBTQ+ Network
Raising awareness and visibility so that our employees feel they can be themselves at work.

Our strategy

We have launched a refreshed strategy with the goal of making Tate & Lyle’s purpose synonymous with ED&I for our current and future talent, customers, suppliers and communities.

We have also announced new, ambitious goals and commitments for the coming 2, 5 and 10 years across four areas: systems, talent, culture and society.

EDI systems
Integrate ED&I into core organisational structures, policies, and practices to promote equitable advancement, retention and reward.
EDI talent
Ensure the diversity of our workforce reflects the local communities we serve.
EDI culture
Educate all to achieve the ED&I competence and confidence needed to create and sustain an inclusive culture.
EDI society
Listen to, speak to, and serve society by delivering ED&I progress for and with our customers, communities and suppliers.
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Discover our ED&I targets and commitments

As of December 2021, we announced a set of ambitious targets and commitments to significantly progress our new equity, diversity and inclusion strategy over the next ten years.

Over the next 12-24 months, we will be busy working to:

  • Redesign recruitment and performance to mitigate for bias, diversify our talent pipeline and produce equitable retention and advancement opportunities.

  • Pursue more inclusive and localised benefits that better reflect the needs of our people.

  • Better understand who is in our global workforce and what their experiences are of inclusion, equity and allyship.

  • Modernise and scale our ED&I learning to build capability and confidence.

  • Expand networks, visibility and mobility for a diverse range of talent by launching a sponsorship program.

  • Strategically grow our Employee Resource Groups.

  • Formalise a supplier diversity program that meets increasing customer demands.

These commitments build on our ED&I progress to date, including the great work that started with our Employee Resource Groups and our published goals on binary gender. We continue to measure gender diversity globally – towards our target of gender parity in leadership roles – and are proud to share our strong progress.

In the last 6 years, we’ve increased the proportion of women in the Company by 29% and in our most senior positions by 44%, doubling our number of women senior managers. You can read more about our progress, on binary gender and more, in our Purpose Report and Annual Report published each year.

What Equity, Diversity and Inclusion means to Tate & Lyle

We had hundreds of conversations in plants, labs and offices around the world to find definitions of the three words that resonated with our people. Here is what we discovered together:

Equity: Grounded in the principles of fairness, establishing policies and practices, creating access to opportunities, removing barriers, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential

Diversity: The mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, lived experiences, perspectives and values as assets to the groups and organisations with which they interact

Inclusion: A dynamic state of operating that enables everyone to feel safe, respected and valued for who they are and for their contributions toward organisational and societal goals

The simple way we think about these three words together is that Equity is our impact, Diversity is a fact and Inclusion is the act.

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Shared Accountability

Our ED&I strategy belongs to all our people – everyone helped to create it and each of us is entrusted to help shape its future. ED&I is an accelerator for our continued journey to becoming the purpose-led, future-proof, growth-oriented organisation we want to be. It’s enterprise-wide, impacting our current and future employees, our customers, our supply chain, and our communities. Equity, diversity and inclusion are vital to us achieving our purpose.

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UK Gender Pay Gap Reports

We employ a relatively small proportion of our global workforce in the UK, and each of the two businesses through which we employ people has fewer than the 250-person threshold for reporting. However, we believe in the principles of fair pay and progression, and so we have decided to voluntarily publish our gender pay statistics for our UK employee population. Find out more in the Gender Pay Report 2022.

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