Benefits of working with us

Key benefits of working with us

Our partners come to us because they are looking for more than a safe pair of hands. They need to know that we’re leaders in our field and that they will be advised, supported and understood at every step.

Our offer

In today’s world, consumers expect food and drinks that taste delicious, look good in texture and appearance, and aren’t just healthy, but convenient and value for money. We have the experience, expertise, facilities and infrastructure to help you meet those challenges and maintain your competitive edge.
Our passion for developing exciting, market-winning products fuels our inventive and innovative culture. Our customers don’t just see us as a supplier of great ingredients, but as a trusted strategic partner that helps them develop groundbreaking new solutions that meet changing consumer demands.
Maintaining high quality products and services has always been our top priority. Our partners have absolute trust in our products, so we work hard to meet their expectations – a continuous production process and over 200 daily analyses help ensure the highest quality every time.

We are committed expert partners

We place huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our business. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.

We like dealing with Tate & Lyle people because they are friendly, easy to do business with and bring deep technical knowledge.
Customer feedback
CMP workshop


It’s not a transactional relationship; we’re a proactive partner that works hand-in-hand with you, helping you achieve your goals and adding value to your business.


It’s important that we approach all aspects of our business in an ethical way. Our Code of Ethics helps to guide us and keep us focused on our priorities.


We welcome feedback and want you to feel able to talk to us. If something isn’t working, we want to know about it so we can get it right.

Comprehensive support

Our deep knowledge and broad experience enables us to support you at every stage of product development. Understanding you and knowing what you want is critical to our successful long-term relationships.

Technical expertise

We have over 160 years of expertise across texturants, sweeteners and health and wellness ingredients. Our global network of application and technical service labs help us to formulate solutions for diverse consumers around the world.

Innovation and Insight

Our team of cutting-edge scientists and new product development experts use their vast knowledge, diverse experience and unique insight to take great ideas from concept to reality.

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