Sweetener University™

The complete curriculum for modern food scientists

What You Need to Know About Sweetener Taste And Functionality

Learn the fundamentals of formulating with sweeteners:

  • Why are there so many sweeteners?
  • What sourcing considerations are there for sweeteners?
  • What variables impact the performance of sugar-reduced products?
  • What challenges can sweeteners solve in food and beverage formulation?
  • Do manufacturing and processing have an impact on formulation choices?
Guidance for Product Formulators

Dig deeper into the science behind formulating with stevia sweeteners:

  • Discover innovations in stevia sweeteners to deliver better tasting, more cost-effective solutions
  • Explore how stevia sweeteners function in foods and beverage and leverage the understanding to create better-tasting finished products
  • Identify the proper stevia sweeteners for all your product formulations
  • Understand how stevia sweeteners can be used with complementary properties of other high potency sweeteners, bulk low calories sweeteners, rare sugars, flavor modifiers and other formulation tools
Discover the unique formulating properties of allulose in product formulation.

Find your perfect solution to creating products with allulose sweeteners:

  • What challenges do we face in low sugar food and beverage formulation?
  • What allulose technical properties make this sweetening ingredient so effective in formulating sugar-reduced products?
  • How can allulose be incorporated in food and beverage formulations to deliver sugar-like taste, texture and performance?
Learn how Splenda® Sucralose can deliver cost effective sugar-like taste performance

Everything you need to know about formulating with Splenda® Sucralose:

  • What is Splenda® sucralose and what makes it so effective in formulating sugar-reduced products?
  • How can Splenda® Sucralose be incorporated in food product formulations to deliver cost-effective sugar-like taste performance?
  • What are some of the newest and most popular formulation approaches using Splenda® Sucralose in combination with other sugar replacement ingredients to create great tasting low sugar food and beverage products?
Learn how to leverage maltodextrin's properties in food and beverage formulation

Maltodextrin is a highly versatile, plant-based ingredient that can optimize your food development efforts – from improved dairy formulations in which it ensures a smooth and creamy texture, to sauces and seasoning blends in which it acts as a bulking agent, or even sports drinks and infant formulas where it serves as a carbohydrate source.

What can attendees expect to learn?

  • What is maltodextrin and what are its key properties?
  • How can I leverage these properties in food and beverage formulation?
  • What are some useful examples of successful applications of maltodextrin that can help me with my challenging formulations?
Discover the unique source of plant-based sweetening, monk fruit

Monk Fruit sweeteners offer formulators great tasting plant-based sweetness that enables meaningful sugar and calorie reduction, without compromising taste. A member of the melon family, Monk Fruit is native to China, where it’s harvested, crushed, infused with hot water, and then purified to isolate the sweet tasting ingredient extracts.

What is covered in this session:

  • What are the Monk Fruit sweeteners’ key specifics and what are some of the newest and most popular formulation approaches using monk fruit?
  • Where does Monk Fruit fit in the overall high potency sweeteners portfolio and what does it do in applications?
  • How does Monk Fruit compare and contrast with sweeteners such as stevia, aspartame and sucralose?
  • How can Monk Fruit be used as part of the complete solution toolbox?
  • How can Monk Fruit sweeteners help you develop consumer-friendly labels?
Created by scientists, for scientists

Our full curriculum of courses covers basic to the most challenging sweetener formulations so you can find solutions to create extraordinary products your consumers crave. Sweetener University™ leverages the expertise and research of our scientists to provide quarterly educational webinars on formulating with sweeteners.

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