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Research on LNCS finds beneficial or no impact on the gut

Van den Abbeele, et al. 2023

Tate & Lyle partnered with Cryptobiotix, pioneers in preclinical gastrointestinal research, on the breakthrough ex-vivo study to explore the potential impact of certain low and no calorie sweeteners on the gut in both healthy individuals and those with type 2 diabetes. 

Using Cryptobiotix’s cutting-edge SIFR® (“cipher”) technology to recreate the gut environment outside of the human body, the results show that sucralose does not impact the gut microbiota, while other low and no calorie sweeteners have potentially beneficial health effects.

Davide Risso, PhD, MS explains
Key takeaways

Certain sweeteners, such as sucralose, do not impact microbial composition of the gut. Furthermore, other sweeteners were found to have a beneficial impact. Stevia, for instance, was found to be easily fermented and increased the density of certain health-supporting bacteria, with the production of short-chain fatty acids. While findings would need to be validated by human clinical trials, these are promising results and a useful contribution to the evidence around this emerging topic. Importantly, the doses of sweeteners used in the experiment were consistent and representative of real-world usage.  


The results from this study were published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, a leading peer reviewed, open-access journal and add to the strong scientific evidence demonstrating the beneficial role low and no calorie sweeteners can play when used as a part of a balanced diet.

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