Nutritious and Delicious: Episode 1


At Tate & Lyle, we strive to help people make healthier and tastier choices when they eat and drink and lead a more balanced lifestyle. To support this purpose, we have launched Nutritious and Delicious our new recipe series.

Nutritious and delicious episode 1

In this series, co-hosted by the Tate & Lyle Global Nutrition Team and Tate & Lyle’s Chef Christine Kerekes, we will feature prototypes from around the globe, inspired by current nutrition and culinary trends that offer a unique twist on traditional cooking by utilizing our T&L ingredients to reduce sugar and calories, optimize texture, and support positive nutrition with added fibre claims.

Today our recipe spotlight brings us to North America, and we are featuring prototypes inspired by current breakfast trends:

  • Consumers are looking for more "at-home" breakfast foods to either make or have on hand with the extra time during the morning working from home.
  • Consumers are eating out less for meals in general. • Consumers that are working from home aren't stopping for a "quick bite" during their commute.
  • COVID-19 has impacted eating mealtimes and created a need for creativity.

Did you know?

Approximately 15% of adults skip breakfast. Consuming breakfast is associated with greater intakes of folate, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and D.

Skipping breakfast...

  • May lead to poor diet quality in adults and children
  • Is associated with an increased risk for weight gain and certain chronic diseases
  • Is linked to poorer school performance in children

First up, gluten-free protein pancakes and blueberry acai syrup: 

Gluten-Free Protein Pancakes

Featured ingredient:

SFS Blend BK 3-25104 ES: A customized dry blend that provides delicious gluten-free, protein added pancakes to kick-start your morning. This blend of ingredients only needs the addition of water, oil, and eggs to make pancake batter in minutes.


  • 6 grams of protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Cooking simplified - 1 mix instead of 10+ ingredients!

The Nutrition Buzz:

  • According to the 2021 International Food Information Council (IFIC) survey, protein is the top ingredient consumers are trying to get more of. Respondants also associated “has high protein” with “healthy food”.
  • While gluten-free is continuing to be a trend, avoiding gluten is only necessary if you have a gluten sensitivity or Coeliac disease.

Notes from the Chef:

A major challenge with gluten-free formulating is creating a functional recipe that replicates the product as if it weren’t gluten-free. Some common challenges we see for bakery items, such as pancakes, would be gumminess in the final product, a lack of aeration/height to the final product, and grittiness on the palate.

This dry blend of ingredients acknowledges these challenges and provides a solution for thick, fluffy, cake-like pancakes.

A higher protein content is showcased here for a more substantial meal and welcoming of other eating day parts. The concept of having protein-added pancakes will not only provide a more substantial meal but provides the consumers with an opportunity to have sweet or savory pancakes. They’re paired with a sweet syrup for this segment, but with different condiments and inclusions, you can create savory pancakes as well

Dry mix is versatile and can be used with different recipes to create waffles or even homemade waffle cones!

Blueberry Acai Syrup:

Featured ingredients:


  • Excellent source of fibre
  • 8g of fibre per serving
  • No added sugar

The Nutrition Buzz:

  • This syrup hits the trends of Permissible Indulgence, allowing for a sweet treat at breakfast with a boost of fibre and no added sugar.
  • Fibre is a nutrient of concern across the globe, with many populations not reaching their country’s fibre recommendations. The syrup packs an early morning fibre punch, with 8g of fibre, starting your day on the right track to meet your region’s fibre rec’s. In the US, the recommendation is 28g/day. So, the syrup combined with the pancakes have you starting your day with 9g of fibre… only 19g amount to go!
  • According to IFIC's 2021 survey, 72% of consumers surveyed are trying to limit/avoid sugars.
  • This is a great option for someone who is trying to reduce their intake of added sugars.

Notes from the Chef:

Combinging a familiar flavour (blueberry) with a more unique flavour (acai) is a great way to peak new interest with consumers. This gives them the opportunity to branch out and try something different, without totally leaving their comfort zone.

Bright blue-ish purple colour is “Instagram-able” and excites Gen Z.

Permissible Indulgence: this syrup has no additional added sugars, the ONLY sugar content that is present is from the natural sugars of the fruit juice concentrates. This highlights the trend that has emerged also from COVID-19, with consumers being more health-conscious, trying to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle, and of course, do so by removing sugar from their diet when possible.

The combination of DOLCIA PRIMA® LS Allulose Syrup and PROMITOR® Soluble Fiber 85L provides a pourable texture with excellent cling to the pancakes. TASTEVA and OPTIMIZER are synergistically working in tandem with the allulose to round out the sweetness profile and provide a sugar-like taste.

Meet Meet Melissa and Chef Christine below, and hear them chat about Christine's role as Tate & Lyle's chef!


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