Webinar: Four steps to replace sugar and carbs in nutrition bars


Consumer expectations are crucial. So when formulators are asked to reduce sugar and carbohydrates in health-related snacks like nutrition bars, without impacting the taste and texture that are so highly sought, where do you start?

Nutrition bars

Fortunately, Tate & Lyle’s long-established expertise in sugar reduction is on hand to help, and we can even tell you how! Our own experts, Nicole Redini, Category Strategy Manager, and Kristen Fierros, Senior Food Scientist, hosted this hour-long webinar early in 2022 explaining the simple four-step approach.

Understand the sources of sugar and total sweetness, and explore the solutions that will help you to meet your reduction targets, without compromising on the sweetness, functionality and texture that consumers demand.

Just register here to recap our webinar, featuring light market and consumer insights, and our four key steps to keeping taste and texture but kick sugar and carbs.

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