Reducing sugar in drinkable yoghurt in Latin America

Latin America has a rich history of dairy production and consumption. Milk and other dairy products are recognised as excellent sources of nutrition, but food and beverage manufacturers still need innovation to meet growing consumer needs.

Bottles of yoghurt or milk

Consumers in Latin America, like in many other regions around the world, are seeking products with reduced sugar and calories. And dairy products are no exception.

Drinkable yoghurt products are a growing market in Mexico. Consumers love the convenience of getting their nutrition in an on-the-go dairy product, and drinkable yoghurts can be found in children’s’ lunch boxes and on working adult’s desks. For Mexican consumers, drinkable yoghurts are great as a healthy snack on the run, or a breakfast during a busy commute.

Recently a customer in Mexico needed help creating a reduced sugar drinkable yoghurt variant for their most popular line. They came to us for our knowledge and expertise in sweeteners and sugar reduction solutions, which we had recently showcased during one of our so called Healthink sessions focused on innovative solutions to meet current trends. Often, during educational events for customers and nutritionists, we feature prototype products made with our ingredients – and at this event, the customer tasted one they just had to have.

Increasing product line, decreasing sugar

The customer sought to create a drinkable yoghurt that maintained a clean sweetness profile, with a sugar-like taste without added sugar, to meet consumer demand and to be able to claim ‘no added sugar’ on their product. At our Healthink event, the no added sugar, low calorie coconut yoghurt drink prototype featuring DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose and TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener proved popular with this customer. It was the perfect, tasty solution they were seeking.

With our ingredients and solutions, our formulation expertise and our technical and regulatory support, the customer was able to quickly run lab and scale-up trials, complete their internal quality process to register and approve the product, and have enough product available to meet their target launch-to-market date. In fact, the customer is using our ingredients to create several other no added sugar flavours in this line of drinkable yoghurt. This customer’s yoghurt drink features fewer calories than a competitor’s drink of the same size, function and target, too.

Are you looking to reduce sugar or calories in your next formulation? Speak to our team of experts today about how our ingredients and expertise can help you!

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