New additions to our North American Prototype Pantry


New year, new prototypes! To kick off 2021 we have a refreshed Prototype Pantry, with some new, out of the box concepts courtesy of the North American Applications and Technical Service team in our Food and Beverage Solutions Division.

Prototype Pantry collage of chocolate shrub drink and ice cream

We continually show our customers that it is possible to deliver on consumer desire for healthfulness without sacrificing delicious taste. Learn what our food and beverage scientists have been cooking up this quarter to drive thought provoking and solution-oriented conversations with our customers and prospects.

Prototype #1: Chocolate Covered Almond and Coconut Energy Bites

Snack and nutrition bar consumers seek out products that fit their definition of healthy; however, these consumers also express interest in snacking, portion control, and exercise support.

Shake up the bar aisle with a fun, snackable format, with all the taste and nutritional benefits consumers want. Our chocolate covered almond coconut energy bites are a perfect example to kick start your innovation journey, with only 5g of added sugars, 10g of protein, and 8g of added dietary fibre. How did we do it? We turned to our comprehensive ingredient toolbox to manage sugar content and fortify with fibre.

Learn more about the story behind this concept in this short video:

Discover our expertise in sugar and calorie reduction, and fibre fortification.

Prototype #2: Tropical Sparkling Shrub Beverage

While some may now “shrub” as a type of plant, it is also an emerging term in the beverage world for vinegar-based drinks.

Consumers are still on the search for products that will make it easy for them to make healthier choices. Vinegar has been used for centuries for potential health benefits, which helps explain why apple cider vinegar is emerging as a key ingredient in beverages. We know what you are thinking: Vinegar? In a beverage? It is hard to imagine that a shrub beverage could taste good, but it absolutely can!

Our Tropical Sparkling Shrub beverage from this quarter’s pantry was designed to offer a sweet, clean taste while delivering added health benefits consumers desire. Our beverage experts leveraged two of our stevia leaf extracts and our Promitor® Soluble Fibre to improve the taste profile, while still maintaining a consumer friendly label. 

Prototype Pantry Tropical Sparkling Shrub Beverage






Learn more about our fibre fortification expertise here

Need to taste it to believe it? Contact us to request a sample and speak to one of our expert beverage scientists.

Prototype #3: Frozen Vanilla Mousse and Frozen Nougat Variegate

In the US, texture is the second most important attribute to consumers when buying frozen treats.1

As much as consumers are interested in health, we all know that we love to indulge. Innovation around experimental and fun textures will appeal to consumers who seek new experiences. Frozen dessert brands can draw inspiration from other dessert forms to incorporate interesting textures, such as chewy, fluffy, or gooey.

To bring this idea to life, our expert Dairy team formulated two unique frozen dessert variegates: Frozen Vanilla Mousse and Frozen Nougat Variegate. By pairing them together, we’ve created a frozen dessert that delivers a super indulgent texture with a layer of chew, fluffy nougat. Each variegate features one of our bespoke Stabilisation and Functional System blends and has been thoughtfully created with your manufacturing process in mind.

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1 Mintel: Textures will bring excitement to ice cream

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