Let's talk fibre and innovation at Tastes of Better 2023

Eat more fibre. We've all heard this before, but there's a significant fibre deficit in European diets. So, why does the problem still exist and what can we do about it? Watch our recorded Tastes of Better session filmed on the on 10 October 2023!

You're Invited!

Granola Bar and fibre fortification

At the Food Matters LIVE event Tastes of Better, attendees are invited to be part of our live audience show hosted by science and food journalist Stefan Gates, who will be talking to experts exploring the future of food and beverage, including product innovation with fibre across categories.

What to expect…

In the "Fortifying your food with Fibre" session, we will showcase how Tate & Lyle is moving the conversation on from fibres formulated for sugar reduction to the importance of fibres for nutrition density, adding value to products to drive consumer appeal. We know addressing fibre deficiency in Europe and beyond is important when it comes to enhancing consumers' health. Yet, it’s a missed opportunity for many manufacturers and brands. As a leader in global nutrition and partner of choice to some of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in Europe, Tate & Lyle is fiercely committed to forging the industry forwards through fortification and embracing the positive side of nutrition.

Curious for more?

Here’s a small taster of what will be discussed on Tate & Lyle's inaugural talk show:

  • Health benefits associated with increased fibre consumption
  • Formulating for consumer appeal with Tate & Lyle's PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre
  • What it takes to tackle the global, growing trend of food and drink product launches that contain fibre

All of this, and more, will be discussed by Tate & Lyle's experts on the sofa with Stefan Gates at Tastes of Better, where audience members will be able to taste a range of fibre fortified products and gain insight into why this solution works. So, let's talk about the fibre gap, why does the problem still exists and what can we do about it.


For more information about the Tastes of Better event, please visit: https://foodmatterslive.com/tastes-of-better/.


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