Find us at TecnoTextura, Mexico, in August


Choosing the right texturisers can be a difficult and lengthy process for food formulators. Whether you’re using thickeners, gelling agents, emulsifiers or many other options, or a combination thereof, the formulation process requires some specific know-how.

Clean label yoghurt with fruit and almonds

This is why we’re delighted to be sponsoring TecnoTextura, Mexico, for the second time, as it brings together international expertise and industry speakers to discuss food texturisers, its improvement and implications, as well as practical solutions.

Did you know that in Latin America from 2014 to 2018, there was a 39% increase in product launches with non-GMO claims in dairy and a 94% increase in launches of plant-based yoghurts with clean label claims? Tate & Lyle’s global expertise in texturants is ideally suited to help formulators meet this increasing demand.

At TecnoTextura’s two-day event on 27-28 August, our Application and Technical Service Lead, Rene Milla, will host a technical session on how our different texturising ingredients can be used in the formulation of yoghurt, comparing how different starches work in the same prototype.

Also at TecnoTextura, Victoria Stencil, Global Marketing Director for Texturants, will present to audiences on the clean label trend, and its importance within the dairy category. She will discuss Tate & Lyle’s portfolio solutions with CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starch, as well as the outcomes of our consumer research and food formulation research.

If you’re at TecnoTextura later this month, stop by for a chat with our team!