Delivering on our growth-focused strategy: Our 2023 Annual Report


This year, we began a fresh chapter for Tate & Lyle as a growth-focused speciality food and beverage solutions business that has placed us right at the centre of the future of food. We are a purpose-led business fueled by science, obsessed with customer collaboration, and a strong desire to make a positive impact on society.

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Our scientific depth is fundamental to our ability to offer bespoke solutions to our customers and to consumers within the strict confines of evolving food safety regulation. The ability to turn science into solutions is how we’ve transformed from a good ingredient provider into a great development and innovation partner for our customers. Further, we recognise that our efforts to make an impact on society must go beyond compliance and scores on sustainability indices, important though those are for tracking our progress; they must make a positive difference to the world we live in.

It has been an excellent first year for Tate & Lyle as a growth-focused, science-driven, speciality food and beverage solutions business.

Nick Hampton, CEO

We have the skills and capabilities to thrive in a world that increasingly demands healthier and more innovative food solutions and, as we showed last year, the agility to navigate around obstacles put in our way.

Despite another year of economic uncertainty, we delivered a strong performance. Our success in 2023 is evidence to the excellent execution of our strategy through our growth framework, which is based on four pillars with serving customers at the core. We have been executing this framework over the last four years, successfully driving growth across the business.

Today, we’re proud to celebrate an excellent year of significant strategic progress and strong financial performance made possible by hard work of our Tate & Lyle colleagues across the world.

The annual report is everything you need to know about our business in one place and you can explore it by visiting our Annual Report 2023 Hub at


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There are more details in our latest Annual Report

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