Clean-label Yoghurt

The Challenge: Create a clean-label yoghurt that delivers premium, indulgent, creaminess, without gelatin, or the fatty mouthfeel of traditional yoghurt.



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Creating clean-label products, removing ingredients that may be disliked by some consumers and retailers, often means that our customers need to reformulate their product to maintain the desired level of product experience. This was the case for our customer who wanted to remove gelatin from their yoghurt product, but additionally, they also wanted to elevate the product experience, keeping the indulgence, but adding a more premium lightness to the overall mouthfeel.

By using Tate & Lyle Sensation™, we identified an opportunity to create a superior product with higher mounding and creaminess and then pulled together the right combination of starches to deliver this elevated experience.


Process snapshot

  • Tate & Lyle Sensation™ is a market leading tool that creates superior mouthfeel in your product, making it successful in the marketplace.
  • Tate & Lyle Sensation™ maps consumer desired mouthfeel attributes by geography and category and comes with a pre-defined solutions toolkit, increasing development accuracy and speed to market.
  • Next step was to share recipe recommendation, cost calculation model and supply samples for test trial.



To create the higher mounding and creamy texture, without the presence of gelatin, we used a combination of Tate & Lyle’s CLARIA® Bliss and CLARIA EVERLAST® starches, which also enabled control of the gelling behaviour during shelf life for greater product stability. Our ability to rapidly profile the desired sensory attributes and map this to the right starches, meant the customer got a truly differentiated product to market quicker, increasing their commercial success.


Ingredient snapshot

  • CLARIA® Bliss: Made from tapioca with clearer colour and flavour, creamy texture and high performance. Labels simply as “starch” or “tapioca starch.”
  • CLARIA EVERLAST®: Designed for superior refrigerated and freeze-thaw stability in moderate, high and ultra-high process tolerance conditions. Labels simply as “starch” or “corn starch.”



The clean-label trend is in full force. It’s not enough anymore to make products that consumers crave. Manufacturers increasingly want to offer food and beverages that consumers perceive as ‘healthier’ or more ‘natural’. Research shows consumers say package labels are the No. 1 factor that influences their decisions to buy a healthy or natural product. This finding means sourcing label-friendly ingredients, such as non-GMO texturants that label simply as ‘corn starch’, can go a long way toward winning your consumers’ trust – and their business.


Consumer Insight

  • A key reason for the ‘clean-label’ trend, and its long-standing popularity, stems from consumer interest in ‘natural’, whole foods.1
  • Clean-label ingredients market size was valued at around USD 46.5 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 6.6% between 2023 and 2032.2
  • 21% difference in European consumer willingness to purchase products containing ‘corn starch’ versus ‘modified food starch.' 3




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3.Tate & Lyle Ingredient Perception Survey 2022 (UK, France, Germany); 38% willingness to purchase food or beverage containing “corn starch” versus “modified food starch” on the ingredient list. 

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