Building thriving communities

What community means to us

We think about community in its broadest sense. Each of us is part of the Tate & Lyle employee community and the communities of other stakeholders we work with such as our customers, suppliers and partner organisations.

We’re also part of the local communities where we live and work, and we want everyone in those communities to have the opportunity to achieve their potential. 

We have set ourselves three targets to build thriving communities by 2025

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Preventing hunger
By 2025, we’ll have provided over 3 million nutritious meals for people in need.
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Supporting education
By 2025, we’ll have supported the education of over 100,000 children and students through learning programmes and grants, helping them attain skills for life.
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Promoting inclusion and diversity
By 2025, we’ll achieve gender parity in our leadership roles.
How we’re tracking against our targets

We are committed to building stronger, more tolerant and inclusive communities where we work and live, focusing on those areas where we can make the most difference. The Covid-19 pandemic, which is disproportionately affecting the most disadvantaged in society, made this work more needed than ever.

It also made it more difficult to carry out, so we are pleased that we still made good progress towards our targets during the year.

✓  2.9 million nutritious meals for people in need (2025 target: 3 million meals)

✓  33% women in leadership roles (2025 target: gender parity)*

✓  33,000 children supported through our educational programmes (2025 target: 100,000 children)

*Next year we will be expanding this target to the top five employee bands, representing more than 500 people. At 1 April 2022, 42% of people in these bands were women.

Our community partnerships

Our partners include registered charities, educational institutions and non-governmental agencies that meet our high standards for delivering services and results.

We plan and budget for our community programme annually. If you are a registered charity who would like to tell us more about your work and projects, please see our Giving Guidelines for Charitable Partners.

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Tate & Lyle in the Community

Our community programme is centred around three main areas, with a particular emphasis on supporting children and young adults:

Healthink Education booth
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We support projects which improve the health and well-being of people of all ages, helping them understand the role nutrition and physical activity play in a well-balanced life
Food kitchen volunteering
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We work with organisations to give people in need in our communities, and beyond, access to nutritious meals.
Education children worksheets
Educational book
We work with local schools, education foundations and other community partners to help prepare students for healthier, brighter futures.

Education: STEM grants

We’re passionate about inspiring students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and our STEM-focused grants are intended to do just that.

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