Webinar: Texture University™ module 6: Science and Solutions behind Emulsifying Starch


Texture University is back for a springtime module in May! The sixth instalment of the educational webinar syllabus looks at the Science and Solutions Behind Emulsifying Starch.

Texture University™ module 6

On Wednesday 26 August 2020, our team will share insights into how emulsifying starch can replace certain ingredients and optimise food processes in beverages, dressings, creamers and more.

Designed for scientists, by scientists, the hour-long webinar will look at how emulsifying starch can help replace gum arabic in beverage emulsions, egg yolks in dressings, and caseinates in non-dairy creamers. Those tune in will also learn how to avoid emulsion breakage during processing, and discern how emulsifying starch viscosity can be tailored to specific food processes.

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The Texture University syllabus continues to help texture scientists all over the world, from the largest food and beverage companies to the smallest start-ups. You can catch up on past Texture University modules here.