Webinar: Texture University module 3 – Formulating With Instant Starches


Tate & Lyle’s engaging educational webinar series returns for module three, looking at formulating with instant starches.

Texture University module 3 – Formulating With Instant Starches

The latest hour-long session focussed on why instant starches are critical enablers in formulating everything from bakery fillings, sauces, snacks and confectionery. The module will also answer:

  • How dispersibility affects starch performance?
  • What variables affect the swelling rate of the starch?
  • How do you minimise stickiness and dough machinability in snacks?
  • What role do instant starches play in minimising bake out in pastry fillings?

Our experts for module three include Dr James Smoot, Senior Manager, Innovation and Commercial Development, and Julia L. DesRochers, Ph.D, Principal Scientist, Nutrition and Bakery Group.

The quarterly interactive Texture University syllabus is the first starch-based scientific education programme of its kind, taught by scientists for scientists. This is a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions about your toughest challenges in instant starch formulation!

Asia-Pacific webinar: Recap here! 

Global webinar: Recap here!

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