Webinar: Texture University module 2 – Formulating With Cook-Up Starch Thickeners


Following on from the successful launch of the Texture University quarterly webinar series, Module 2 aired on Tuesday 19 March, titled Formulating with Cook-up Starch Thickeners – Solutions Made Easy. The module tailored for Asia-Pacific markets aired on Wednesday 31 July.

exture University module 2 – Formulating With Cook-Up Starch Thickeners

There is such a variety of thickeners to choose from, it is often difficult to know the most appropriate one to use. In this module we answer:

  • How does the level of viscosity influence the thickener?
  • Which is the best thickener to formulate with, when a product demands a high level of process tolerance?
  • What influence do thickener properties have on the sensory characteristics of food?
  • How can a thickening starch help to optimise shelf stability in a frozen product?

With a curriculum taught by scientists for scientists, Texture University, a part of Tate & Lyle’s TEXTURE-VANTAGE® Expert Systems, is the first starch-based scientific education program of its kind. Our scientists have a full curriculum of Texture University courses that will help you start from the basics and learn to tackle even the hardest formulation challenges. A new session is introduced quarterly and attendees will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each module.

Module two for Asia-Pacific audiences - Wednesday 31 July, 11am (SG time): Register here

(Recap the module two global webinar here!)


If you missed it, you can still access Texture University’s Module 1 on Food Starch Fundamentals – What You Need to Know about Starch Composition and Functionality, by registering here (global) and here (Asia-Pacific).

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