Webinar: Texture University module 1 - Food Starch Fundamentals


Develop a deep understanding of the interaction between ingredients, application and processing, at the inaugural Texture University webinar, the first texturant-based educational webinar of its kind.

Texture university webinar module 1

Join us on Thursday, 15 November at 10am Central Standard Time and discover the module, Food Starch Fundamentals – What You Need to Know about Starch Composition and Functionality. 

Learn about the following topics:

  • How does the composition of starch impact its performance?
  • What impact does processing have over starch produced from corn compared to one produced from tapioca?
  • What challenges can starch be used to solve in food formulation?

Our Scientists will help you tackle even the hardest formulation challenges!

Texture University is a full curriculum of texture science topics. A new session will be introduced quarterly and attendee will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each module.

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