Webinar: Sweetener University™ Module 6 – Monk Fruit: A unique source of plant-based sweeteners


Did you know that Monk Fruit is a member of the melon family? Native to China, it is harvested, crushed, and infused with hot water, and then purified to isolate the sweet tasting natural ingredient.

monk fruit sweetener

Monk Fruit sweeteners offer formulators great tasting plant-based sweetness that enables meaningful sugar and calorie reduction, without compromising taste. Our Sweetener University™ webinar series returns for 2022 on Wednesday 18 May, with module 6 of the popular online curriculum focusing on sweetening capabilities of monk fruit.

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Tate & Lyle’s Monk Fruit portfolio contains a range of products designed to help formulators achieve excellent taste performance across a broad range of applications, or food product categories. Module 6 of Sweetener University will answer the following questions:

  • What are the Monk Fruit sweeteners’ key specifics and what are some of the newest and most popular formulation approaches using monk fruit?
  • Where does Monk Fruit fit in the overall high potency sweeteners portfolio and what does it do in applications?
  • How does Monk Fruit compare and contrast with sweeteners such as stevia, aspartame and sucralose?
  • How can Monk Fruit be used as part of the complete solution toolbox?
  • How can Monk Fruit sweeteners help you develop consumer-friendly labels?

Our expert colleagues Nicole Zhang, Principle Scientist, Innovation & Commercial Development, and Hwee Min Wong, Beverages Team Lead, Applications and Technical Service, will be hosting the interactive hour-long session, guiding listeners through the subject matter and how sweetener science is helping to increase the speed and effectiveness of product development.

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