Webinar: European Dairy Consumption Trends


Did you know that despite the increase in purchase of plant-based dairy alternatives, 19% of consumers between 18-35 years old are consuming more dairy than they did 3 years ago?

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Despite a recovery of consumption since 2017, the dairy market in Europe has been stagnant. The growth of 0.5% on average per year remains 1% behind the growth of the overall food and beverage consumption in Europe.

Why is this happening, and what can be done to elevate dairy consumption to the next level?

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On Monday 25 April, our European Dairy Consumption Trends webinar will take a deep dive into the purchasing and consumption habits of European consumers. It details four key areas:

  • Comparing dairy consumption habits of European consumers by age group.
  • The drivers behind consumer purchasing of dairy and dairy alternatives products.
  • Opportunities for fueling new growth and how to appeal to the different consumer generations, especially those reducing consumption.
  • A look at how Tate & Lyle’s ingredients and solutions portfolio can support your business.

Our research was created off the back of a broad-spectrum survey of 1,500 consumers and has been streamlined into an accessible 45-minbute webinar, hosted by Delphine Forejt, Dairy Category Development Manager, Europe and Beth Nieman Hacker, Global Market Research Director at Tate & Lyle.

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