Take our Stevia Challenge at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022


In November you can find us at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, UAE, demonstrating our solutions that help drive better-for-you food and beverage products. With over 160 years of expertise, we work with customers to make food and beverages healthier and tastier, creating extraordinary food for consumers.

Cheesecake for Gulfoods

Our team of experts will be at E6-28 of Sheikh Rashid Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre from 8-10 November 2022, ready to answer your questions about how we develop innovative ingredients and solutions that add taste, mouthfeel, nutrition and functionality to a wide range of food and beverages.

We will also be inviting visitors to take our Stevia Challenge! We’ve constructed a special dark-room on the exhibition floor, where guests can sample unique prototypes, some with sugar, and some with stevia. Can you tell the difference?

Back outside, we will also have a selection of samples that demonstrate the application of our ingredients for sugar and calorie reduction, fibre fortification and fat reduction goals, whilst also considering cost optimisation, shelf-life extension and clean-label requirements. Keep an eye out for our blueberry muffins and ketchup in particular!

On November 1, Tate & Lyle's Dubai team launched a new challenge - the 30% Less Challenge - aimed at encouraging consumers to reduce their sugar and calorie intake to complement the 30 minutes of exercise they are doing every day for the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

The challenge is for those looking to be more mindful of sugar and calorie consumption to reduce their daily intake by 30 per cent depending on current levels, which can be substituted with plant-based sweeteners with zero calories and do not raise blood sugar the way that sugar does.

Dominique Floch, General Manager - Middle East, Africa, and Turkey at Tate & Lyle, commented: “The Dubai Fitness Challenge is one of the greatest community events of the year, and we’re excited to show our support for the incredible initiative in its sixth year. Given Tate & Lyle’s commitment to helping our customers make healthier and tastier food and beverages and offer solutions to consumers, it felt fitting for us to focus on food and beverage consumption as part of a balanced lifestyle during the Dubai 30X30 challenge.

Live at GFM

“We want to help the community better understand our work with manufacturers across the UAE and the wider Middle East region to push for and create reduced sugar and calorie products whilst also empowering them to actively reduce or substitute sugar as part of their 30-day efforts, to boost further a healthy living mindset that will serve them in the long run.”

The reduced sugar Karak recipe was unveiled and available to try at Tate & Lyle’s stand at the Gulfood Manufacturing Show - E6-28 of Sheikh Rashid Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre, from 8-10 November.

Khaled Khatib, Ph.D., Head of Application and Technical Support - Middle East, Africa, and Turkey at Tate & Lyle, added: “When we work with a product as well-known as Karak, we have to ensure the flavour is just right while achieving the right target of 30% reduction in sugar. Luckily, at Tate & Lyle, we love a technical challenge! We’re excited to hear what people think of it. We are always on the lookout for new challenges, so we can’t wait to meet manufacturers looking for sugar and calorie reduction solutions in the region at the Gulfood Manufacturing Show and beyond.”

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