Supporting Ukrainian refugees: A Tate & Lyle-wide effort


When the conflict in Ukraine started in February 2022 and refugees started pouring into cities where we have sites – Łód´z, Poland and Boleráz, Slovakia – our people went straight into action, providing much-needed clothing, food, shelter and medicine to local charities.

Ukraine support

As a company, we made donations to the British Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund, and to seven charities in Łód´z and Boleráz providing critical services. Given the scale of the humanitarian crisis, many of our employees around the world asked how they could help, so we launched a global employee matching scheme.

Under this scheme, for every pound, dollar or euro donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund by an employee, Tate & Lyle donated double the amount to support local charities in Łód´z and Boleráz. In total, including company and employee donations, more than £125,000 has been given to charities supporting Ukrainian refugees. Many of our colleagues in Poland, Slovakia and Germany also volunteered their personal time to help local charities.

Tate & Lyle’s support opens new possibilities and will make new projects possible. Thank you!

Marta Libiszowsta, Fundacja Dom w Łódz´

Charities working with refugees we are supporting:


Happy Kids Foundation – organizing care for families and children arriving in Łódz´.
Dom w Łodzi Foundation – providing care to families who have children with disabilities.
Polska Akcja Humanitarna – providing food, medicines and first aid kits.
Gajusz Foundation – Providing care and shelter to terminally ill children.


Trnavska Arcidiecezna Charita - Food bank providing food and housing services.
LEMAD s.r.o. - Language school teaching Slovak to refugees.

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