Supporting children’s health and nutrition in China


Representatives from Tate & Lyle and the China Rural Development Foundation (CRDF) visited China’s Huaze Primary School in Geyi Town, Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province to see firsthand how we’re making a positive impact together for Chinese students. The school is enrolled in the Healthy Eating, Happy Learning - Tate & Lyle Children's Health Improvement Programme.


Michelle Liu, Vice President of Corporate Affairs - Asia Pacific at Tate & Lyle, along with Wen Huifang, Director of Child Development Program Department of China Rural Development Foundation and Yin Huifang, Deputy Director of Xuanwei Education and Sports Bureau attended the school visit to see firsthand how the programme is helping to support children’s health, in line with the Chinese government’s development strategy of "Healthy China 2030".

Tate & Lyle employee visits with student

“Through research, we have learnt that there is an urgent need to improve knowledge of healthy nutrition and to improve the nutritional balance of children's diets in Yunnan and some areas in China. Therefore, we have been working with the China Rural Development Foundation since 2021 to provide a total of 288,000 nutritious snacks of one carton of milk and one egg per day to more than 2,000 students in 11 schools in Yunnan, Guizhou, Hebei and Hubei provinces, and to upgrade a total of 115 modern kitchens and canteen facilities in 8 schools, benefiting more than 2,000 students,” Michelle shared, “ Tate & Lyle has also worked with nutrition experts from the China Rural Development Foundation and the China Nutrition Association to tailor the nutritional food options for the students' daily diets based on the current situation and expert recommendations, such as the "Three Reductions and Three Health Benefits" (sugar reduction, salt reduction, oil reduction, healthy weight, healthy oral cavity, healthy bones) campaign proposed in the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)" and the "National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)".


A purpose-led visit  

Guided by the Principal of Huaze Primary School, the group visited the students in their classes to distribute milk and eggs provided by the programme’s daily donation of nutritional supplements. This offered them the opportunity for the group to interact with the teachers and children and learn more about the children's daily life and learning. The students also performed a cultural showcase and presented handmade paintings, with the theme of daily nutritious meals and their thanks for the support provided by the programme. 

In addition, Tate & Lyle and the China Rural Development Foundation invited Dr. Du Songming, a nutrition expert from the China Nutrition Society, Executive Director of the China Nutrition Society and Professor of Nutrition, to hold nutrition and health education classes and lectures for students and teachers respectively., The nutrition expert shared best practice with about 300 primary school teachers and students at Huaze Primary School and about 500 teachers in Xuanwei City, to help fight the rising overweight and obesity trend.  


An expression of gratitude 

Tate & Lyle employee visits local classroom

Yin Xuefang, of the Xuanwei Education and Sports Bureau, expressed her gratitude to Tate & Lyle and the China Rural Development Foundation :  “The Xuanwei Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government has always supported the aim of providing good quality education and welcomed supportive partnerships based on that common value. Tate & Lyle and the China Rural Development Foundation are both strong representatives of these types of partnerships that promote the high-quality development of education in Xuanwei.” 

Wen Huifang, Director of the Child Development Programme Department of the China Rural Development Foundation said they will continue to monitor the development of rural children and make efforts to further support healthy living, particularly to enhance the understanding of "being full" to "eating well" and “eating healthy” among Chinese students.  

“I am proud to see the positive impact the "Healthy Eating, Happy Learning - Tate & Lyle Children's Health Improvement Programme in China" has made by providing access to foods that are part of a healthy and balanced diet for children and the promotion nutrition education for all to support the achievement of the health goals of Chinese students.” said Michelle.  


About the Healthy Eating, Happy Learning - Tate & Lyle’s Children's Health Improvement Programme in China 

Students participating in Tate & Lyle social impact programme

Since its inception in 2017, the "Healthy Eating, Happy Learning - Tate & Lyle Children's Health Improvement Programme in China" has launched initiatives in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and cities to improve the health and nutrition of Chinese children and build thriving communities in these areas. The programme is designed to promote science-based, nutrition knowledge among students in line with the "Healthy China 2030" strategy and the company’s commitment to supporting programmes that promote healthier lifestyles and activities.


For Tate & Lyle, this work is guided by our purpose — Transforming Lives through the Science of Food — and is one of the ways we live our purpose to make a positive impact on society. 


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Our commitment to community involvement

We’re passionate about supporting the communities where we live and work and want everyone to have the opportunity to achieve their potential. ​

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