Reduced sodium content promotes heart health


Not only does salt/ sodium bring a unique salty taste and act as a flavour enhancer, but it also acts as a preservative, bonding agent and texture modifier. Sodium also plays an essential role in the biological function of cells and fluid balance. Salt is ubiquitous in food and essential to common staples such as bread, cheese and processed products.

An increase in consumption of processed foods and consumers’ love for the taste of salt has resulted in sodium intakes that exceed recommended daily guidelines. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a maximum daily sodium intake of 2,000 milligrams. Yet average sodium intakes in many countries exceed these recommendations, with average intake in some being as high as almost 5,000 milligrams per day. 

This high consumption of sodium has significant implications for public health. Scientific research has linked high sodium intake to high blood pressure and increased risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD), the number one cause of death worldwide. Cardiovascular disease and its effects (e.g., heart attack and stroke) are projected to contribute to 23.3 million deaths annually by 2030. 

Though sodium reduction is a key to improving global health, it’s not always simple to remove salt from products.  Aside from having to deliver the clean salty taste consumers love, manufacturers need to ensure that the functionality of their foods remains intact when producing lower-sodium versions.

Governments, consortia and organisations around the world are looking at sodium reduction in processed food as one way to help reduce the risk of CVD, and they are looking to food manufacturers and foodservice operators to help.

Tate & Lyle can help food manufacturers reduce up to 50% of the sodium in their products without jeopardizing consumer acceptance.  Our sodium reduction solutions include: SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres, that tastes, functions and labels as salt because it is salt, and SODA-LO® SB Microspheres, hollow spheres of sodium bicarbonate that provide all the leavening power needed in baked goods.

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