Nine ways we're making an impact this Earth Day


As a global company with employees working in offices, labs and manufacturing facilities across the world, at Tate & Lyle we’re mindful of the impact we have on the planet.

That’s why, as Earth Day approaches, we thought we’d highlight some of the actions being taken by many of our locations to positively impact our surroundings and communities. Many of these tie in with this year’s Earth Day theme to “Protect Our Species”.

From getting green fingers, supporting local communities, nurturing indigenous wildlife, and energy-saving efforts, here are nine ways we’ve helped to protect our planet ahead of Earth Day 2019:

1 - Reducing waste and adopting a beehive in Koog, the Netherlands

Not only have our team in Koog already switched from plastic to cardboard coffee cups, they have also worked with local conservationists to adopt a beehive.

Koog site - Earth Day
Koog bee adoption with

2 - Better homes for bees in McIntosh Alabama, USA

Our McIntosh site is displaying its Earth Day commitment to "protect our species" by covering its ground in Crimson Clover. This will not only improve the habitat of local bees and other insects, but also enhance the site’s stormwater control.

Fields of red clover planted at McIntosh Alabama site
Fields of red clover planted at McIntosh Alabama site 2

3 - Better homes for bats in Kya Sand, South Africa

The team in Kya Sand is installing bat boxes to help protect the 56 species of bats in South Africa and to help control the insect population without chemicals.

Kya Sand team built bat boxes for Earth Day

4 - Donating clothes and improving plant life at home in Mexico City, Mexico

Our team in Mexico City have organised an ‘exchange market’, taking unused items from their homes and swapping them with other employees. Items not exchanged are donated to local orphanages. Employees are also being educated on ecology, and are encouraged to plant aromatic plant life in their own homes.

Aromatic plants from Mexico City

5 - Planting trees, encouraging the arts and saving energy in Santa Rosa, Brazil

Employees at our Santa Rosa plant have helped to plant trees both on its own site and at a local school, where they’ve also sponsored a special Earth Day theatre production. The team have also begun a staff competition around home electric bill savings.

Santa Rosa Earth Day

6 - A floral flourish in Ossona, Italy

Ossona staff have been improving their site by adding new plants and flowers to the grounds, with a view to improving biodiversity, pollination, and employee wellbeing.

Tatiana planting flowers for Earth Day in Ossana

7 - Reducing plastic waste and sowing seeds in Nantong, China

All staff in Nantong were given their own stainless steel drinking cups, in order to remove unnecessary plastic waste, while cardboard cups will be given to visitors. Work has already begun on the planting of trees and tulips around the facility.

Nantong team with stainless steel cups to reduce plastic waste
Nantong team planting trees and tulips

8 - Multi-phased eco-projects in Decatur, Illinois, USA

Our Decatur staff kicked off their Earth Day activities earlier this year with a clean-up of their on-site lake. They're also installing bat and bird houses to provide shelter for at-risk wildlife and reducing the need for pesticides as part of a multi-phased eco-project.

Decatur staff building bat boxes

9 - Litter-picking, planting and spring cleaning in Mold, Wales

The team at Mold joined their annual community spring clean to improve their town through litter picking, clearing footpaths, and tidying flowerbeds.


Check out our Twitter account @tateandlyleplc for more Earth Day activities from around the world!