Growing Hope

Cali Colombia

Our team in Cali, Colombia is proud to celebrate another year of partnership with Fundación Dar Esperanza.

Founded by Sister María Luz Melia Castaño, Fundación Dar Esperanza is celebrating 21 years of supporting local families and children who are coming out of abusive or difficult situations through love, understanding and respect.

Today, the foundation works with families and 65 children, providing access to housing, meal assistance, and educational support.

Meals, Mentorship and More

Cali Colombia 2

Our partnership with Dar Esperanza started with Cali-based volunteers sharing food, essential health and educational supplies and participating in holiday celebrations and mentorship.

Across the past two years, our volunteers were able to hear and learn more about the needs of families and how the foundation was building for the future.

Tate & Lyle Colombia team

Out of these conversations ‘grew’ an opportunity to support a sustainable orchard project. The project included growing plantains and fruit trees like avocado and coffee to supplement meals, and, eventually, as the orchard matures, selling surplus from seasonal harvest at local markets, creating a chance to re-invest in the orchard and the foundation over time.

Despite pandemic restrictions, the Dar Esperanza staff and students have been able to make great progress on the orchard.

We’ve loved seeing students’ pride and excitement as they’ve tended and nurtured the fields and our local team is looking forward to being able to visit and work alongside them in the orchard in the months ahead.

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