Delivering on-trend solutions for NotCo: Latin-American customer success stories

Food trends vary throughout the world. What’s popular in North America for example, is often very different to the prominent consumer desires further south in Latin America. Our regional experts are well aligned to the nuances of local food trends, and our portfolio of ingredients and solutions can meet many challenges!

Clean label jar of mayonnaise

When innovative plant-based start-up NotCo (The Not Company), backed by Jeff Bezos, reached out for help formulating their Not Mayo range, we were ready with the solutions they needed. Our team in Chile is well established in providing solutions for the Soups, Sauces and Dressings (SSD) category, where viscosity and texture are often problem areas for formulators - particularly when looking for plant-based solutions.

Using one of our clean label texturants, CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starch, we were able to help NotCo achieve the best possible viscosity and texture in all three ranges of their mayonnaise, whilst maintaining their plant-based brand value proposition. NotCo have since expanded their business into Argentina, Brazil and the US.

In Guatemala, our local team were also working on a mayonnaise formulation for prominent local SSD manufacturer, Regia. The expertise of our technical team, and their ingredient and formulation knowledge, resulted in the selection of the optimal stabiliser – one that would work perfectly for Regia’s creamy mayo dressing. Thanks to our technical advice and application experience, we were able to present Regia with an improved performance option for their industrial trials.

Fibre fortified nutritious milk

Dairy is a major category throughout Latin America and fibre fortification, particularly for children, is a key trend. In 2019, we partnered with Nestlé NINHO® to bring more nutrition to Brazilian children through their leading powdered milk brand. Nestlé developed the new NINHO®Forti+ product, and we provided the fibre fortification with one of our fibre ingredients.

An Infant and Kids Study carried out by Nestlé and the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (IBOPE) in 2015, indicates that Brazilian children between the age of 4-6 consume 41% less fibre than recommended. We are proud that Nestlé found our fibre, STA-LITE® Polydextrose, to be the ideal soluble fibre to provide fortification to NINHO® Forti+. Nestlé NINHO®’s commitment to nutrition of Brazilian children aligns perfectly with our purpose of Improving Lives for Generations. Together, we are supporting healthy living.

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