Decatur ‘goes green’


New gas-fuelled boiler to reduce emissions and deliver cleaner air.

As part of a $150m investment across multiple sites, we are investing in our Decatur production facility, the largest site in our global network, to install a new natural gas-fuelled boiler that will provide efficiencies and deliver local benefits such as cleaner air.

Decatur boiler

All our corn wet mills have large boilers that generate steam to provide the thermal energy required to process corn into food and beverage ingredients and industrial starches used in packaging and other industrial products. The current coal-fuelled boilers in Decatur produce high pressure steam to drive a turbine generator to produce electricity prior to using that steam to supply the facility's thermal demand.

By introducing a new natural-gas fuelled boiler, we anticipate that we will reduce the site’s Greenhouse Gas emissions by around 30%, which will help to improve local air quality and support our efforts to tackle climate change. In addition to the Decatur boiler investment we are also focused on energy efficiencies, with site teams working to consume less energy, and to recover and reuse energy and heat elsewhere, where possible.

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