Celebrating our female scientists for International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Science underpins so much of what we do at Tate & Lyle. From ingredient research, development and analysis, to product formulation with customers and large-scale manufacture, science plays a vital role in every aspect of our operation.

To mark the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2019, we are celebrating the female scientists at Tate & Lyle and the contribution they make to our business, our industry, and the millions of people they help feed.

Renata Cassar

Renata Cassar, Senior Research Scientist, Nutrition, Tate & Lyle
Sao Paulo, Brazil

“When I began my career 20 years ago, nutritionists didn’t have the standing within businesses that they do today. I found that going the extra mile to deliver results that made a real difference to the company helped me to demonstrate the importance of the function, and as businesses have evolved, so too has my role, and the role of nutritionists generally. Today, many nutritionists – often women – hold important roles in big corporations. I’m so proud to see how far we’ve come.”

Cassandra Fong

Cassandra Fong, Food Technologist, Tate & Lyle
Singapore, Singapore

“I chose a career in food science because I really enjoyed studying it in school and I felt I could use it to make a positive difference in the world. I believe that at Tate & Lyle I am able to use science to improve consumer lives by helping customers to understand how to use our solutions to enhance their products and make them healthier. I would recommend a career in food science and believe that if you do your best, people will recognise your efforts and work.”

Annah Paraffin

Annah Paraffin, Quality Lead, Tate & Lyle
Brisbane, Australia

“As a quality manager, I’m able to use science and critical thinking to ensure that our quality assurance and preventative control systems guarantee the safety and quality of our products. At the Brisbane production facility, I contributed significantly to our BRC safety audit which took place in January and where we reconfirmed our BRC safety audit rating ‘AA’, the highest rating achievable. In my career, I’m most proud of completing my PhD. I’ve had to learn the art of being a mother and at the same time a successful scientist, and I’m pleased that my line manager supports me to have a good work life balance.”

Bahar Yalcindag

Bahar Yalcindag, Technology Director, Food & Beverage Solutions, Tate & Lyle
London, UK


“Throughout my career, I’ve always chosen to work at companies where innovation and science are at the core, and Tate & Lyle is one such company. I am proud of the new ingredients and solutions we generate that support healthier diets, proud of the training that we offer our technical teams, and I’m also very happy with the high female population amongst the technical team. The best career advice I was given was to always work to learn something new, do not stay in your comfort zone for long.”

Julia DesRochers

Julia DesRochers, Principal Scientist, Tate & Lyle
Chicago, USA


“Science has always been fascinating to me and I feel blessed that I have always loved my career choice. In my role, I help provide technical solutions for our customers in the bakery category, to make their products healthier or more innovative. I’m proud to have helped this part of Tate & Lyle’s business to grow by building solid relationships with our customers which is predicated on us providing the right ingredient and solution, at the right price, to help them make the best products and resolve their technical challenges.”

Hear from Veronica Cueva, Vice President of Global Technology, about how we are using science to Improve Lives for Generations: