Advances in Clean Label Yogurt Texture Solutions


Consumer trends are continuing to drive movements such as organic, clean label, “free from” and non-GMO formulations, as interests in the type and source of ingredients used in popular food and beverage products continues to shift.

clean label yoghurt

On Tuesday 29 March 2022, our colleague Mark Robert, Director, FBS Food Ingredients, will address attendees of the International Dairy Food Association’s Yoghurt and Cultured Innovation Conference, sharing Tate & Lyle’s expertise in clean label ingredients and yoghurt texture solutions.

Advances in clean label texture solutions now allow yogurt manufacturers opportunities to maintain the eating experience consumers expect in yogurts and plant-based yogurt alternatives without sacrificing the functionality that traditional ingredients, such as gelatin and modified food starch deliver.

Replacing lost functionality and stability requires a deep technical understanding and tailored approach.

In this session, Mark will present the common texture challenges associated with producing clean label yogurts, and demonstrate ways to overcome them with formula recommendations and key processing details to ensure a high-quality finished yogurt product. We will also review sensory analysis, specifically Qualitative Descriptive Analysis comparisons of some market-leading yogurts and yogurt alternatives compared to similar formulas using clean label texture ingredients.

To finish the educational session, we will also be providing some clean label yogurt prototypes for tasting.

Attendees will leave this session with options and recommendations to produce consumer-friendly, clean label yogurts that deliver on flavor, quality, and texture. To find out more and register for the conference, click here.

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