FRUCTOPURE® Fructose is a nutritive sweetener made in Europe from non-genetically modified corn.

Introduction to FRUCTOPURE® Fructose
Also known as
Fructose, crystalline fructose

FRUCTOPURE® Fructose is a nutritive sweetener made in Europe from non-genetically modified corn. With a glycaemic index of around 15, fructose delivers in function and flavour, without impacting on blood glucose levels. A high functionality speciality sweetener with a clean label function and low GI content keeps FRUCTOPURE® Fructose on trend with consumers interested in following a healthier, low-calorie lifestyle. FRUCTOPURE® Fructose offers a sweetness index of 117 compared to sucrose at 100.

Ideal for blending, FRUCTOPURE® Fructose offers superior sweetness levels and a complementary sweetness profile when combined with sucrose and SPLENDA® Sucralose and natural high intensity sweeteners, resulting in significant reductions in total sweeteners compared with using each ingredient alone. FRUCTOPURE® Fructose helps balance sweetness profile and masks the aftertaste of some natural-origin and high-potency sweeteners.

FRUCTOPURE® Fructose is available in:
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  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
FRUCTOPURE® application areas

The high relative sweetness and low glycaemic response of FRUCTOPURE® Fructose make it ideal for use in reduced-sugars recipes. FRUCTOPURE® Fructose offers superior sweetness levels and a complementary sweetness profile when blended with sucrose, high-potency and natural-origin sweeteners. Compared to sugars that are traditionally used as humectants, fructose provides the greatest solubility, moisture binding and resistance to crystallisation.

FRUCTOPURE® Fructose enables you to maintain the desirable moistness and tender textures of baked goods for longer.

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FRUCTOPURE® Fructose delivers a faster sweetener response than other nutritive sweeteners, intensifying sweet and acidic flavours in a variety of consumer beverage products. Its ability to mask the bitter taste that comes with some high-intensity sweeteners makes it an excellent choice for more delicate beverage products, such as juices.

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FRUCTOPURE® Fructose has a low glycaemic index, allowing food formulators to create tasty low-glycaemic products that deliver at breakfast, or any other time of the day.

FRUCTOPURE® Fructose enables you to formulate sweets and confectionery that deliver extra fruitiness. FRUCTOPURE® Fructose can enhance flavour perception by 15% or more particularly with fruit, chocolate, and caramel notes, providing opportunities to reduce the levels of additional flavourings.

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FRUCTOPURE® Fructose has a lower freezing point than sugar, delivering increased sweetness and inhibiting crystallisation in frozen dairy products. By using fructose in your ice cream or frozen yoghurt formula, you can deliver a smooth, flavourful product that is easier for consumers to scoop, even at very low temperatures.

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How we apply FRUCTOPURE® Fructose

FRUCTOPURE® Fructose has a wide range of particle sizes, making it a great choice when better flow and easier handling is required. It is more soluble in water than sucrose or dextrose, making it the ideal application in intermediate moisture foods such as desserts or confectionery. Its ability to be applied with sucrose and dextrose helps manufacturers deliver spicy and sweet flavour combinations. FRUCTOPURE® Fructose has excellent humectant properties for use on its own or with another of our extraordinary food and beverage solutions, helping you to increase shelf life and bind in moisture in any of your products.

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