ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch

ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch optimises viscosity and adhesive strength during paper formulation.

Introduction to ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch
Also known as
Surface treatment starch

The ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch family offers a complete range of ethylated starches for surface sizing and coating applications. These starches provide system cleanliness, viscosity stability, adhesive strength, pigment binding, and excellent water retention. Hydroxyethyl substitution significantly alters the functional properties of the starch, and the various degrees of thinning provide near tailor-made solutions for size press or coating applications.

ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch is available in:
1 Region
  • North America

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ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch application areas

Precisely manufactured, with varying degrees of molecular weight modification, ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch provides optimum viscosity for substrate penetration and film-forming for size press applications.

Use ETHYLEX®  Surface Treatment Starch in bag making formulations.

ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch can be used at the size press and calendar stack, for both clear and pigmented surface sizing. It can also be used in coating applications as a binder, capable of replacing latex in many formulations. Its wide range of viscosities allows you to create tailor-made and cost-saving solutions.

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