AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrups

AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrup can be used as an alternative to dextrose.

Introduction to Dextrose Syrups
Also known as
Dextrose syrups

AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrup is a nutritive sweetener, providing sweetness, mouthfeel and energy to your product range. The AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrups range has the highest conversion of hydrolysates with a dextrose equivalent in excess of 80 and dextrose content approaching 100%.

AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrups is available in:
1 Region
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrup application areas

AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrups have a nutritive value of 4 kcal per gram of dry matter. Its 65% sugar content makes it an attractive option for beverages that require fermentation as part of their manufacturing process.

AMYDEX® Dextrose Syrup improve sweetness and fermentability across your beverage range.

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