Get the world moving - Global Challenge


A worldwide workplace health and engagement programme, Global Challenge (GC) encourages staff to take 10,000 steps every day each for 100 days.

Now in its fifth year, GC, powered by Virgin Pulse, sees more than 1130 employees from 162 teams and more than 18 countries take part in a bid to get active, healthier and build team spirit. The programme is open to everyone and participation is growing year on year.


The heart of GC is the step count: every participant wears a pedometer and records how many steps they have taken each day – from walking, running, swimming,  cycling or any activity – to get fit, reduce stress, improve energy and support better sleep.

Rob Luijten, EVP Human resources said: ‘Competing against teams around the globe inspires healthy competition and generates a strong sense of teamwork, one of our key Values.  Teamwork drives the success of the programme and helps people to achieve personal goals through friendly rivalry and support from team members – and builds productivity in the office through a more energised workforce.’

Another of our Values is clearly at work – creativity – as teams choose their names: Red Hot Chilli Steppers, the Holy Walkamolies, the Salty Dogs and the Magnificent Seven to name a few.

GC also supports our desire to build improve health and wellbeing of our people, their families and the communities in which we operate. . Indeed many employees have reported on the benefits saying they had ‘acquired the exercise habit’ and ‘a greater awareness of what they eat’ as well as ‘weight loss, reduced stress and improved levels of energy and sleep’.

The Programme has not only generated better health and wellbeing across the business, but also brought people closer together. Interestingly, it’s voluntary – so, there’s no pressure to take part and there’s no incentive or prize, but many people have been inspired to get involved year on year to improve their health and do something fun and social with colleagues.

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