NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups

NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups have a high maltose content and have a mild sweet taste.

Introduction to NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups
Also known as
Glucose syrups

NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups have a high maltose content and  have a mild sweet taste. NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups are the ideal ingredient to enhance flavour, body and texture in your applications. They can also be applied in brilliant, high-clarity finished products, due to its exceptional resistance to high-temperature discolouration.

NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups is available in:
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NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrup application areas

NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups can be used across a wide range of your bakery, cereal and confectionery applications.

NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups can improve flavour, body and texture at high sucrose replacement levels, while adding resistance to colour formation and moisture absorption in cookies. Its low level of browning also makes it ideal for use in sponge dough.

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Improve the binding characteristics in formed cereal snack bars, without losing out on texture, chewiness and sweetness.


NETO® Liquid Glucose Syrups have a significant amount of polysaccharides, ideal for use in your confectionery portfolio.

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