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Consumers are looking to live healthier, for longer, and know that balanced nutrition can increase the likelihood of that.

Various health issues come into play at different life stages, and while things like gut health, weight management and diabetes prevention can be seen as life-long concerns, other needs like calcium absorption during adolescence and retention from middle-age, are more relevant for particular demographics.

Our own proprietary research shows that on average, 52% of consumers worldwide want more fibre in their diet. This is not only to ensure or complement good digestive health, but also to support weight management and overall health and wellbeing.

Health needs throughout the stages of life

We know from our Global Ingredient Perception Consumer Research conducted in 2017, that 55% of consumers globally would be likely or very likely to purchase cereal if it contained fibre. It also shows us that fibre isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Consumers are open to consuming fibre throughout the day across many categories. This will help close the daily ‘fibre gap’ – how much fibre consumers should take in daily, versus how much they actually do take in. 

Globally, 1 in 4 consumers eat and drink products that contain fibre to help improve their immunity, while 53% of consumers globally plan to consume much more/somewhat more fibre over the next 12 months. 


Global top five reasons to consume fibre


53% provides digestive health

Provides digestive health

41% improves regularity

Improves regularity

34% helps with weight management

helps with weight management

33% improves my overall feeling of well being

Improves overall feeling of wellbeing

33% improves my overall feeling of well being

helps lower cholesterol

Tate & Lyle Proprietary Research, 2020

Solutions that complement personal health needs

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Latest Health Living news

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